FROM   SONG   SAN FERNANDO            
Hope and Fear 1 All I Have   FLY AWAY   2 CDs online (MP3s)        
version 2 2     TEARS OF LIGHT   Kurt Browne, a gentleman and a scholar, has posted two of my CDs online.        
  3 One Potato                
  9 My Last Cigar   Paxton's Lullaby   Witness features songs written by brother Ragnar and includes vocals by son Trevor.        
  10 Dakota Country                
              Amo, Amas, Amateur is mostly my songs with a couple written by/with Ragnar.        
      Lyrics by              
      Ragnar Kvaran* Blues Based A Story            
Out of the Fire 1 Streamliner Y Y     To find them, follow the link and scroll down (a lot) until you see my name in large letters.        
  2 Let the Man Go His Own Way Y              
  3 Desert Blues Y Y starts here            
  4 South China Sea   Y              
  5 I'm Not Leaving   Y              
  6 We Didn't Know It Then Y       HOLIDAYS Videos        
  7 Second Time Around Y Y     New Year        
  8 Out of the Fire     "ends" here   Valentine Candy        
      * my brother     Once in March (St. Patrick's)        
              Look Out My Window (Easter)        
SAM 1 This One's For Honor          Happy Birthday America        
  2 What Next?                  
  3 That Kind of Love                  
  4 What About Me?                  
Hope & Fear 1 There's a Line          1. You've Got A Friend        
  2 All I Have          2. Into The Mystic        
  3 One Potato         3. Fire And Rain        
              4. Hallelujah        
Galileo 1 Brightest Star         5. Seven Bridges Road        
  2 Passion         6. Early Morning Rain        
Laxdaela 1 A Woman In Love                   
Westman 1 Waiting For Someone                  
  2 Love Will Show the Way                  
  3 Almost, Already                  
Amo, Amas
1 Angelita                  
Amateur 2 Mending Together                  
(Love, etc.) 3 Streamliner                  
  4 Anna Marie                  
Misc 5 What Goes Around