YouTube clips

All of these have me with Walt Richardson, my long-time musical buddy, without and with his Morning Star Band

Angel with a Broken Heart. Duo with Walt. 2008

I Say Love with the Morning Star Band, 1984

Always Was / In the Long Run With the Morning Star Band,1985.12 minutes long!


with my kids

and wife Pennie


The Shanfields: my first band. 1965, the Philippines


The Shanfields: Dein, Chip, Bill, Brad, Ragnar, me


The Shanfields, Makati, Philippines, 1966
Bill Philipps, Norm Reyes, Chip Eck, ??, me, Not shown: Gene Kay

The Kodai Road, Michigan ca. 1974

me, Einar, Ken Morris, Ragnar, Dave Stanton


The Kodai Road in Ypsilanti Park               



With Walt Richardson, ca. 1978

Walt Richardson and the Morning Star Band (mid 1980s)

an early version of the band at Chuy’s Night Club

The most common line-up

Spider, Tom, Felix, Walt, Aziz, me, Emilio, Plato

The Raving Folk Dogs -- much of the 90s
Sue Harris, Kyle Harris, Keith Curtis, me

A scene from SAM at GCC


“What A Life” from “Grimm Memorial” at Theater Works



Walt Richardson, circa 2004 at Beelows



as a duo                   


Trevor sitting (standing) in

A larger version of the band
me, Walt, Tim, Kimbo

 A one-off night with Trevor, Al Ortiz (bass)  and Joe Myers (guitar)

Einar, Trevor and maestro Tim Sadow at Fiddlers Dream (2005?), doing the Magical Mystery Tour album as acoustic folk

solo at the Glendale library, 2008


Finch Williams & The Twisted Road Band; Cliff Castle Casino, July 4, 2009

m           me, Finch, Clay Harper, Jon Eiger, Lyle Pratt


Linda Bilque’s Lucky Band at the Prescott (Arizona) Folk Festival
from left: Rochelle Raya, Linda Bilque, me, James Salis


Shay Veno at O’Connor's Pub. Phoenix, 2009


With Walt at the Rhythm Room (2009)

Solo at Next Coffee Company



OConnors Pub: 2010
Robby, me, Pat, Shay, Gary

Jammin' at Gary's 2010

Skunk Creek Railroad @the Next 12/3/10
me, Wayne, Gary, Bill, Robby (and a hidden Larry)